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What is Carpenter Literacy?

Carpenter Literacy is a phonetic reading program for beginning or struggling readers. It is a method to teach reading that is phonetic, systematic, repetitive and easy to use. Research has shown that phonics instruction is essential for a new reader's success. Because of my frustration with beginning reading curriculum, I wrote Carpenter Literacy while teaching Title I reading to simplify and organize the introduction of word families with high-frequency words. The students learn to read by sounding out and learning words with guidance and practice.

The program consists of 11 components: a teacher's manual with complete instructions for lessons, assessments and guidance through the curriculum; a book of 17 short vowel family story lessons; a book of 18 long vowel family story lessons; a book of 18 digraph, diphthong, silent consonants, r-controlled vowel story lessons; a final book of word lists with common suffixes, prefixes and endings patterns; two Sight Word Block booklets to teach high-frequency words and a booklet of word family flashcards that correspond to the story lessons. Each story lesson teaches a new word family and a few high-frequency words. Each story lesson contains 3-6 pages, questions, a word family list, "Write-Five" spelling activity and corresponding high-frequency word cards. As the student works through the story lessons, the stories build in a very organized and systematic repetition of previously taught word families and high-frequency words as well as introduce new families. Syllabication is a book containing a list of words on each page with a common suffix, prefix or ending to practice reading and dividing more difficult words into syllables. This activity allows students to practice word attack of multisyllable words before they encounter them in a text and increase their fluency and comprehension.The Sight Word Blocks booklets contain ordered sentences of high-frequency words that are repeated throughout the booklet. Students cut apart the words, build and read the sentences in guided lessons. A new sentence is introduced each week for students to repeat and master words.
A preschool line of tools has been introduced to complete the curriculum.  The Sound Song is an effective, catchy tune that teaches very young children the sounds of the alphabet.  Used as a teaching tool 2-3 times a day, children as young as 3 can learn to recognize and repeat the different sounds which is an essential first step in beginning reading.  The Blending Book is an excellent tool to teach children how to blend three-letter words after they know all the sounds of the alphabetic letters.  It includes 15 phrases of three-letter words to give children the opportunity to practice blending the different sounds to make words.  It was written specifically for two 4 yr. old boys in my preschool and successful in teaching them how to blend three letters into words within two months.  It is another very important piece to beginning reading.  Bingo Boards is a methodical tool to teach and assess the progress of high-frequency words or alphabetic letters and sounds to young children.  It consists of 6 blank Bingo Boards with 5 copies of each letter of the alphabet or high-frequency word to provide children with much exposure and practice for learning these reading skills.  The high-frequency words correlate with those introduced in the leveled books.  It was written for Title I kindergarten students and provides a simple, fun method to teach alphabetic principles and high-frequency words.

Why Carpenter Literacy?
My experience working with struggling and beginning readers has resulted in this wonderful teaching tool. It has been endorsed by college professors, teachers in private and public schools, special education instructors, Montessori and preschool teachers. I am very excited to present the program and know that the instructor and readers will enjoy working through the books. Students will gain reading abilities because of the ordered and repetitive method of phonics used in these story lessons.



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